What is Reiki?

Reiki is a spiritual healing practice that promotes well-being and balance.  Reiki treatments have the potential to affect physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual centers in the body. 

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Reiki supports the body’s natural healing process and brings the body into balance, restoring harmonyto the mind, body and spirit. Reiki enhances many other modalities including conventional treatments.  There are no known contraindications for Reiki.    
Benefits: Because Reiki is a balancing practice, benefits will vary from person to person.  Common experiences include increased energy, better, more restful sleep, mental clarity, stress relief, pain relief, and feelings of peace and well-being.
Reiki Treatments: Usually, Reiki treatments are given on a massage table.  It is not necessary to undress.  The practioner’s hands are placed on or near specific areas of the body. 

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There are 12 traditional placements typically used.  However, Reiki practioners and clients can design specific treatments that address individual needs. The client may be aware of a comforting warmth and a feeling of deep relaxation.  Conversely, some people experience Reiki as a cool sensation in a part of the body.  Most people do have some kind of sensation related to the treatment.  Although, others may say that they felt nothing during the treatment.  All things are possible and everyone has a different sense of how they received Reiki.  Even from treatment to treatment the same individual may have many different sensations. 
Reiki does not take the place of conventional medical treatments.  It can, however, be used to compliment other treatments and often helps the person being treated to come to a more balanced place to achieve a sense of well-being that might not otherwise be reached.
Training: Margie has been fortunate to study with Pamela Miles, a foremost Reiki Master trained in the Hawayo Takata lineage.  This wonderful practice is a gift to each and every person who receives it.  It is a technique that is very meditative in its quality.  Margie is trained in 1st Degree, which means she is qualified to give hands-on treatment.  
A Woman’s Place is offering 30 or 60 minute Reiki Treatments.  Please contact Margie by email or phone for more information, fees and to schedule an appointment.

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