Professional Presentations:

Margie Deutsch Lash has been offering professional presentations since 1984.  She is considered an expert in the field of lactation and parenting, offering topics that range from introductory breastfeeding workshops for professionals and community health-workers to advanced-content presentations including induced lactation, milk production issues, and techniques for the healthcare provider to use in working with mothers and babies. 

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Her parenting topics include child development education, parent-child communication, learning-related seminars (e.g. Multiple-Intelligences:  Learning Styles, Democratic Education, School Readiness/Appropriateness).

These are just a few of the topics available.  Presentations are always tailored to the particular audience.  Margie is always willing to entertain the possibility of developing a presentation just for your group, as well.  Don’t hesitate to inquire.

Any interested group may email or call for additional information including availability and fees.


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